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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet Wendy

Wendy from UUendysCraftyCorner is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 4pm.

One of our west coast gals, Wendy loves to find adorable new Etsy shops to surprise! She is always on the look out for creations that she knows will appeal to our team mates.

I recently asked Wendy what her plans were for 2014 as far as HER creations and her shop.

I have thousands of items to glue up and list. Quite a few of them are brand new to the shop when I get them done. That means pics! I am going to be doing some yarn projects for charity with the possibility of setting up a 3rd shop. I am going to participate in all the SNEAKS as much as possible. I am hoping to sponsor once a month.

And we LOVE when Wendy sponsors a Sneak Attack.

I love looking at all the play earrings that Wendy has - makes me feel like a kid again!

One of my favorites and I love the little bow :D

Browse Wendy's shop to find the kid in you! And then come join us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to meet the latest 'victims'!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past January 29th

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Lauren from A Fabulous Fete. Lauren creates so many adorable party necessities; everything from place cards to custom stamps. And her photography is amazing!

I asked Lauren a few questions about how the Sneak Attack affected her shop, here what she had to say!

How did the sneak attack affect your shop? 
It was a huge confidence boost! It's hard in the beginning when you check daily waiting for that first sale. Knowing that people actually wanted my things in their home really kept me going. I think in some cases it may keep many from giving up early on!

What was your reaction to the sneak attack? 
Shock… and then showing everyone I knew.

Are you selling on other venues? 
Not my handmade products.

Comments you would like us to pass on to the team?
What you do for new shops is pretty amazing. Like I said, the first weeks, months, etc. are the hardest as you wait to really see how people are going to react to your product. And I also think that when a potential customer lands in your shop, and you have a few sales with feedback to back you, it really helps assure that customer they can trust the seller.

It’s so nice to know what a difference the Sneak Attack makes on a new Etsy shop! A Fabulous Fete was Sneak Attacked on October 15, 2009 and received 4 sales from the attack. Today Lauren’s shop has over 1,100 sales! 

Take a few minutes to enjoy her shop and pick a few items you love!

Until next time,

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the shop, The Muses Call, a wonderful shop featuring greeting cards and bookmarks.
The Muses Call was sneak attacked with love on 09/21/2009.  The shop started with 10 sales and received 27 sales from the attack!  Today The Muses Call has over 500 sales and going strong!

I asked the shop's owner some questions about the sneak attack on her shop and this is what she had to say:

Every time I clean out my convo file I still save the ones I got from my sneak attack - it was such a special moment! Here are my answers to your questions....

How did the sneak attack affect your shop?
My shop had been opened less than two months when, all of a sudden, one evening I started to have one sale after another. I was so new to Etsy I had no idea what was happening. Even when team members told me it was a sneak attack, I still had no clue. I was told to look at a forum thread to see what it was all about and I had no idea what a forum thread even was let alone know how to access it or maneuver around it. I've learned a lot since then! My sales have grown steadily and I marked the end of last year with my 500th sale - a great milestone.

What was your reaction to the sneak attack?
It definitely was exciting but I was also in a panic as I watched my inventory rapidly disappear. I was working at the time and could only make cards in my spare time so I didn't have a huge stash waiting in the wings. But I look at that moment as a special time and am grateful to UnrulySun for choosing my shop.

Are you selling on other venues?
I sell my items at a local bookshop and have since February 2009. My sales there are actually what encouraged me to open my Etsy shop.

Comments you would like us to pass on to the team?
Keep up the great work with promoting handmade and thanks for giving new shops the boost that they need! It's a great confidence-builder.

I browsed around the shop and found this to be a perfect gift for a friend:
See you next time (February 12),

Monday, January 27, 2014


Summer of SKWOriginalsbySummer has given us another beautiful treasury featuring our Sponsor, Susanne of SussesSpindehjrne and her "Victims"!


Meet Susanne

Susanne from, SussesSpindehjrne is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm.

A frequent sponsor, and one of our international members, Susanne always finds a variety of shops both international and domestic for all of our other members to ooh and ahh over - and heart, and purchase....

I asked Susanne what her plans were for 2014 - as to her shop and yarns, etc.

In 2014, I will try to promote Susses Spindehjørne even more than the previous year. In addition to this, I want to expand my collection of hand-dyed yarn and offer it at club basis. Finally will 2014 be the year where I attend as many trade shows I can afford.

I like the idea of a yarn club - I can always use more :D

I love all of the yarn that Susanne hand-dyes, and hand-spins. Her talent seems to be never ending. I browsed her shop today, and found the perfect scarf for your special someone - don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Check out all the yarns and clothing and accessories that Susanne has a wonderful talent for! And then come join us in our sneak attack thread as we get ready to have Susanne's 'victims' introduced to us.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meet Maria

Maria from MsBittyKnacks is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 11am. Maria loves to sponsor Saturday sneak attacks - that way, those of our members who work during the week, have lots of time to spend with us on the weekend - and they love it too!

I asked Maria what her plans were for her shop and her creations in 2014.

I thought about this for a bit and for this year I really am aiming at getting the shop a bit more known, locally by trying to get to more shows and was even considering magazine submission see if I can get published :? As designs go, definitely more playfulness, more soft sculptures and more color :)

Whatever creations Maria comes up with this year, you can be sure they will be adorable as all of her items are. I had a really hard time figuring out my favorite - but when I saw this - it just jumped out at me.

Find your favorite item in Maria's shop too! And then come join us  in our Sneak Attack thread - 'victims' will be revealed at 11am this morning - stay, chat, browse, heart and buy - you are going to have so much fun!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Barbara of byvala made this beautiful treasury featuring today's Sponsors and their "Victims"


Meet Ana and EliSe

We have international co-sponsors today! Ana, from BellyPork a brand new sponsor and EliSe from xEsFunThings, a member who has sponsored a number of times. I love it when a 'veteran' sponsor takes a newbie under her wing and helps her be a great sponsor.

I asked Ana what she had planned for her shop in 2014:

Well, I'm working now in new leather purses and wallets, as well as new bracelets. I wanted to center my work in leather (I'm learning a lot....:) ). After my good experience since you attacked me, I'm really excited and I want to do more and more. I'm finding my place I think, :) :)

I went browsing in Ana's shop this morning to see her new items - and came across something that has nothing to do with her wonderful leather items. Check out this adorable tank top.

I asked EliSe what her plans were for 2014:

With a ridiculous amount of German 'designer-yarn' at the attack, I'm still playing with the thought of opening a yarn shop. It's not handspun, not hand-dyed, but is composed combining many very thin threads and wound by hand. 

OMG - we have so many members who are obsessed with yarn - this will be wonderful.

In the meantime - I checked out EliSe's shop for something gorgeous - of course all her items are wonderful, but I'm kind of partial to purple -

Be sure to browse both shops - there is something for everyone - and you too!

Come join us in our sneak attack thread for lots of fun, clues and chatting as we wait to see who our 'victims' will be today.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Virginia

Virginia from MadeByHand is sponsoring our sneak attack today.  She loves to sponsor and always finds the cutest new Etsy shops for us to surprise!!

I asked Virginia what she saw for herself and her shop in 2014.

In 2014, crocheted items will continue to be most prominent in my shop because I love to crochet, but I plan to add more vintage items and supplies. I love vintage and would like to list some of the many items that I've collected or inherited. In regard to supplies, I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies that need a good home. But I'm afraid that when I get my scrapbooking stuff out, I'll want to start scrapbooking again... hmmm, actually that's not such a bad idea... maybe I can incorporate some crocheted motifs into some paper items -- oh-oh, ideas are starting to flow! Stay tuned!

I love these little bags that Virginia crochets. I bought two to give to a couple of my granddaughters. They love them as much as I do!

Be sure to look for new items coming to Virginia's Shop! And if you would like some of these adorable little bags - be sure to let Virginia know.

Come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to surprise some new shops at 3pm today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past January 15, 2014

Welcome to a brand new year of sharing past sneak attack shops and how they are doing now.  I got the pleasure of interviewing this shop Emariecreations.  It is a lovely shop featuring handmade polymer creations and party supplies.
Emariecreations was sneak attacked on 10/12/2009 and started with 3 sales and after the attack, had 9 additional sales in her shop.  I asked the shop’s owner, Samantha some questions and here is what she had to say:

How did the sneak attack affect your shop?
The sneak attack was a great boost to my sales! My shop had only been open about a month, and it's easy to get discouraged when you don't have a lot of traffic or sales, especially early on when you are excited about starting your shop, but don't see much progress.

What was your reaction to the sneak attack?
Very surprised and happy!

Are you selling on other venues?
No, right now my only venue is Etsy. I hope to at some point set up a website.

Comments you would like us to pass on to the team?
Thank you so much for picking my shop! It was great to be the recipient of a sneak attack and my shop is still going strong, thanks to a great boost from the sneak attack.

I peeked around her shop and found some wonderful items.  These gift tags would make a great addition to your gift wrapping stash:
Until next time (January 29, 2014)  Kelly


Welcome back to the Blast from the Sneak Attack Past! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and New Year! :) 

This week I got to chat with Andy from FlatFlowerDesigns! Andy creates gorgeous handmade botanical prints, feather prints, and pressed flower cards. They are pressed from real specimens found in nature. Love them, they are amazing!

FlatFlowerDesigns was Sneak Attacked with love from the Handmade Movement team on September 24, 2009 and received 34 sales from the attack. Way to go team. :) Today Andy's shop has over 2100, that's wonderful. 

When I asked Andy how the Sneak Attack affected her shop, here's what she shared;
It got the ball rolling you could say. It got me to start thinking about how to better my items and shop. I was surprised by it! For a few moments I thought it was some kind of cyber attack. I wondered how in the world did all these people find my shop in one hour? :-)
I sell at a few art shows each year and to wholesale accounts. Thank you for attacking me to the gang! How often does one say thanks to a gang for being attacked...probably never? :-)
A tip of my hat,

These are just a few of my favorite from FlatFlowerDesigns, stop by Andy's lovely shop and find a few of your own. It's great hearing about the success of these once newbie shops. I hope you have enjoyed this Blast from the Sneak Attack Past update and I look forward to many more.

See you next time,


Written by;
Kelly from juBEADlation
& Amanda from CuteNCurlyBowtique

Monday, January 13, 2014

Meet Sandi and EliSe

Sandi from HandmadeBySandi and EliSe from xEsFunThings, are co-sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm.

From opposite sides of the pond, this duo has teamed up to introduce some really cute and creative new Etsy shops.

Since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching I wanted to show you a couple of things that will be greatly appreciated by your special someone.

From Sandi's Shop:

And EliSe's Shop:

Lots to choose from in both shops - check them out!

And come spend some time with us in our sneak attack thread as we see the clues the co-sponsors will be giving out and find out who our 'victims' will be later today!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meet Kelly

Kelly from juBEADlation is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 12 Noon. Kelly loves Saturday sneak attacks. It makes it easier for members and shoppers who might work outside the home, to get a chance to participate and have lots of fun. And find out about some really cute shops that Kelly has found to surprise.

I recently asked Kelly what her plans were for her shop in 2014. Here's what she said:

I had just listed the new clip earrings using some of the buttons that I got from one of the other members. I also plan on using the buttons for some new ornaments, hair barrettes, and magnets. I'm always thinking of new ideas to try out so you never know what may pop up in my shop! 

And getting ready for Valentine's Day - are these adorable heart ornaments! Perfect hanging from a mirror or a door knob.

You can see more ornaments and lots of other wonderful creations in Kelly's shop. Have fun browsing and shopping.

And then come join us in our sneak attack thread for lots more fun!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is sponsoring our 1st sneak attack of 2014!!

In the past, Theresa has always found the cutest and most creative new Etsy shops for us to surprise, and I'm sure that today is no exception.

I asked Theresa what is in store for her for 2014. Here's what she said:

I am always on the look for new pattern for sewing & quilting, I have some new Christmas items I want to make this year a fox Christmas Stocking & cloth reindeers for the mantle or shelf. I have also found a new pattern for some mug rugs that I am anxious to try making. Who knows what else I will find this year.

Well, Theresa is already on her way this year - in this adorable set of dolls she has created. Know anyone in your life, who would love these?

Don't miss out on all the creative ideas in Theresa's shop, and then come join us in our sneak attack thread for a fun day of clues, chatting and surprises as we get ready to introduce the newest 'victims' for 2014!