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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past January 29th

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Lauren from A Fabulous Fete. Lauren creates so many adorable party necessities; everything from place cards to custom stamps. And her photography is amazing!

I asked Lauren a few questions about how the Sneak Attack affected her shop, here what she had to say!

How did the sneak attack affect your shop? 
It was a huge confidence boost! It's hard in the beginning when you check daily waiting for that first sale. Knowing that people actually wanted my things in their home really kept me going. I think in some cases it may keep many from giving up early on!

What was your reaction to the sneak attack? 
Shock… and then showing everyone I knew.

Are you selling on other venues? 
Not my handmade products.

Comments you would like us to pass on to the team?
What you do for new shops is pretty amazing. Like I said, the first weeks, months, etc. are the hardest as you wait to really see how people are going to react to your product. And I also think that when a potential customer lands in your shop, and you have a few sales with feedback to back you, it really helps assure that customer they can trust the seller.

It’s so nice to know what a difference the Sneak Attack makes on a new Etsy shop! A Fabulous Fete was Sneak Attacked on October 15, 2009 and received 4 sales from the attack. Today Lauren’s shop has over 1,100 sales! 

Take a few minutes to enjoy her shop and pick a few items you love!

Until next time,

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the shop, The Muses Call, a wonderful shop featuring greeting cards and bookmarks.
The Muses Call was sneak attacked with love on 09/21/2009.  The shop started with 10 sales and received 27 sales from the attack!  Today The Muses Call has over 500 sales and going strong!

I asked the shop's owner some questions about the sneak attack on her shop and this is what she had to say:

Every time I clean out my convo file I still save the ones I got from my sneak attack - it was such a special moment! Here are my answers to your questions....

How did the sneak attack affect your shop?
My shop had been opened less than two months when, all of a sudden, one evening I started to have one sale after another. I was so new to Etsy I had no idea what was happening. Even when team members told me it was a sneak attack, I still had no clue. I was told to look at a forum thread to see what it was all about and I had no idea what a forum thread even was let alone know how to access it or maneuver around it. I've learned a lot since then! My sales have grown steadily and I marked the end of last year with my 500th sale - a great milestone.

What was your reaction to the sneak attack?
It definitely was exciting but I was also in a panic as I watched my inventory rapidly disappear. I was working at the time and could only make cards in my spare time so I didn't have a huge stash waiting in the wings. But I look at that moment as a special time and am grateful to UnrulySun for choosing my shop.

Are you selling on other venues?
I sell my items at a local bookshop and have since February 2009. My sales there are actually what encouraged me to open my Etsy shop.

Comments you would like us to pass on to the team?
Keep up the great work with promoting handmade and thanks for giving new shops the boost that they need! It's a great confidence-builder.

I browsed around the shop and found this to be a perfect gift for a friend:
See you next time (February 12),


  1. Nice shops and funny to read how they are doing today. Thank you Kelly and Amanda for sharing

  2. Love the shops and I hope the continue to grow!

  3. Great write up! Love reading old victims reactions!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful stories, Kelly and Amanda! Off to check out these shops now :)

  5. Really enjoy reading about our past "victims"! Thanks Kelly and Amanda!