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Monday, March 10, 2014

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is hosting our Sneak Attack today at 2pm.

I asked Theresa why she joined our team:

When I got Sneaked it just thrilled me so much, after joining the Handmade Movement group it was great sneaking and trying to figure out what shops it might be (like a game) and I love games. These are just the best group of people I feel like I've known them my entire life.

Theresa was a 'victim' in November 2011 - Wendy selected her shop. And the rest is history - Theresa loves to host sneak attacks!!

I always love to browse Theresa's shop. She creates so many new and unique items.

This is my favorite pillow - of course it might be because I have one sitting on my couch!!

Whether you like items for your home, apparel, or baby items, you will find what you need and want at  Theresa's shop.

Then come join us in our Sneak Attack thread to find out who our 'victims' will be today.


  1. I love to browse Theresa's shop also. She has so many neat items and so very well made to.

  2. Thank you Sandi for all the kind words!! I love this team.

  3. I´m hooked on Theresas shop to. Love her wallhangers and otholders

  4. Theresa does wonderful work and is always making something new... so proud of her success!