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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meet Georgia and EliSe

Georgia from TheMintButton and EliSe from xEsFunThings, have teamed up today to host our Sneak Attack at 3pm.

A recent 'victim' herself, Georgia has decided to take the plunge and become a host as well.

I am always curious as to why Etsy shops get named the way they do. Says Georgia:

My darling grandmother passed away almost 3 years ago. She was THE mother in my house growing up and i loved her more than i can describe with words. Among the things she left behind was a sewing box which had 2 little mint colored buttons in it from a dress she once had. These buttons were the first pair of earrings i made. So it was a suitable name and a tribute.

I love these earrings from Georgia's shop - I have a pair and they remind me of skeins of yarn!

Of course EliSe is a 'veteran' host as well as a team member who loves to teach new hosts how to have a successful sneak attack. Thanks EliSe for your training.

I asked EliSe what she looks for in new Etsy shops to be her 'victims'.

Being one of the international members, in my shop selection I always aim for:
Shops that ship 'everywhere else'
Shops on either side of the big pond (left or right of the USA)
Shipping costs that are about the same no mather where you live (opposed to 0.00 domestic and 12.00 international for example)

I always have 'fun' browsing through EliSe's shop. Since I'm kind of obsessed with earrings - I think these would be perfect for my collection!

Be sure to browse both Georgia's and EliSe's shops for perfect gifts and obsessions!! And come join us in our sneak attack thread as we try to guess who their 'victims' will be today.


  1. Great hostess shops! Can't wait to see the shops they found.

  2. This sneak will be exciting! Thanks for co-hosting, Georgia and EliSe!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the shop found ; )

  4. Beautiful items from both of our hosts.