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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Virginia of MadeByHand made this beautiful treasury of today's "Victims" and our Hostess, Georgia of TheMintButton

Meet Georgia

Georgia from TheMintButton is hosting our sneak attack today at 11am.

A recent victim herself, Georgia has already co-sponsored last month and is now taking the plunge to host a sneak attack by herself. And I know she will be great!

I asked Georgia what prompted her to open an Etsy shop.

I got very tired of just watching my every day work on a screen. I had so many ideas, i always enjoyed crafting so one day i started making things. One pair of earrings became two, i started making things i wanted to wear but couldn't find in the local market and eventually i found out about Etsy. It seemed interesting and i gave it a try.That was it.

I really enjoyed browsing Georgia's shop today. In addition to her earrings that I love, I found this delightful bracelet - so simple yet fashionable. Guess I need to start wearing bracelets!!

So much to choose from in Georgia's shop - what will you select?

Come join us in the sneak attack thread - and see if you can guess which shops Georgia has selected as our 'victims' today.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet Susanne

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne, is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm. One of our international members and a frequent host, Susanne loves to surprise new Etsy shops with sales, views, and hearts. And the shops she finds are always so creative!

Before Susanne first started hosting our sneak attacks - I asked her what prompted her to join the Sneak Attack/Handmade Movement team.

I am fascinated by the idea of ​​helping each other and the ability to help others get their shop to grow

Such a great way to help others - which is what this team is all about.

I always enjoy browsing in Susanne's shop. She has so many lovely things. And every time I visit - I find something very unique. I love these Hand turned Wood Candle Holders.

What will you find in Susanne's shop that catches your eye?

Come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - you will have lots of fun, maybe make a treasury or two and try to guess who our 'victims' will be today.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet Ana and Maria

Ana from Bellypork and Maria from MeSaleBordado are our co-hosts today for the sneak attack at 3pm Etsy time.

Not only are Ana and Maria co-hosts, they are also Mother and Daughter. I think this is a first for our team and we love it!

Ana was 'trained' to be a host by one of our veteran members and now she is carrying on the tradition by 'training' her Mom.

Ana uses fabric and leather to make her gorgeous accessories. And her latest? This tote bag with adjustable strap. I ordered one and I can't wait to get it! If you love candy crush - you will love this bag!!

While Ana makes lots of accessories for adults, Maria makes hers for children. An array of embroidered bibs, bags, and blankets - everything perfect for your little one or as gifts. I just love this bib with the adorable turtle and love the model too!

Both of our hosts today live in Spain - we love our international members!! And you will love browsing through their shops - there's always something new.

Then come join us in our sneak attack thread as we try to guess who the 'victims' will be today!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is hosting our sneak attack today at 12 Noon - Etsy time.

A frequent sponsor and treasury guru, Theresa can always be counted on to find the neatest new Etsy shops to surprise!

Did you know that Theresa invited her sister-in-law Linda to create things for the shop as well? Don't you just love sharing! Linda is an artist in her own right - loves taking care of her grandkids, and makes the cutest greeting cards. I love this one for a little boy baby!

You can see more of Linda's cards, and all of Theresa's creations as well in Theresa's shop. Something for everyone in your family!

And come join us in our sneak attack thread as we get ready to surprise 5 new shops. See if you can guess who they will be!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet Barbara

Barbara from byvala is hosting our sneak attack today at 4pm. One of our international members - Barbara loves to find new shops that ship all over the world!!

What tips does Barbara have for our new hosts to find new shops?

My secret is that I search for shops that I myself would put in Sneak Attack Treasuries. I love making treasuries (sure wish I had more time to do so) and I love getting new shops more exposure. So basically, my search for shops to sneak on is the same as how I search for shops in T's: with clues that I like and a maximum price. And what I find important is that new shops are open to ship everywhere, since the Handmade Movement Team has members from all over the world!

We hope all of these tips will spur some of our newer members to jump in and host a sneak attack. And there are always 'veteran' hosts that are ready to co-host with you!

I always enjoy browsing in Barbara's shop. Check out this simple yet elegant embellishment - I love the pattern in this flower!

Barbara has so much to choose from in her shop - you will want lots of her creations! And then come join us in our sneak attack thread - check out the clues and see if you can guess who Barbara's victims will be.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past May 12, 2014

This time I´m going to Saint Paul to visit Cindy from ToleTreasures. Cindy´s shop was attacked 10/29/09 and today she has made it into a great success with 686 sales.

When you visit ToleTreasures you´ll see why; Cindy has the most cute hand-painted items ever and I think all cat lovers will like this Cat Themed 6x6 Premade Mini Scrapbook Album a lot.

Cindy tells:

My shop had only been open for about ten days. You can't imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I had ten sales in one evening and everyone was telling me that I was a victim of a Sneak Attack. I had no idea what a Sneak Attack was. It's such a wonderful way to welcome new artisans to Etsy.

I currently only sell in one other venue and that's a holiday boutique that is held locally in November each year.

Please have a look at all the other amazing hand-painted items ToleTreasures has in the shop.

Thank you for looking.

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past May 12, 2014

This next lovely shop, brynnalex donates it's proceeds to help send a graduate to Art School in honor of her daughter Brynn. Elaine opened her shop in 2007 after tragically losing her 12 year old daughter, who was hit by a car. She has helped send 7 kids to Art School, how wonderful! Elaine creates beautiful jewelry, note cards, photography occasion cards, vintage items, and hand crafted gifts.

BrynnAlex was Sneak Attacked with love from the Handmade Movement team on April 18, 2011. I asked Elaine how the Sneak Attack affected her shop and here's what she shared;

The sneak attack affected my shop my giving it some much needed exposure.

I was thrilled to have been sneak attacked - I was misty eyed over the love shown to me and my shop!

I don't sell on any other venues other than etsy, and in some local retail shops.

Give the team a big thank you from me. :)

Elaine also shared that she was tickled pink! I'm tickled pink hearing from her, I wasn't part of the team when she was Sneak Attack but it makes me feel great knowing our team made her day! Today her shop has almost 1,000 sales! That's great, what a milestone! 

Stop by BrynnAlex to support a wonderful cause and pick out a few favorites of your own. It's so hard to just choose a couple items but these are a few of my favorites. 


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meet Shannon and EliSe

Shannon from SGeoliJonesCreations and EliSe from xEsFunThings  are co-hosting our sneak attack today at 11am. A wonderful duo - including a brand new host and one who loves to guide our newest members.

As I usually do, I asked our newest host how she decided on the name of her shop. Shannon said:

My Etsy name... Well... My middle name is Geoli. My parents made it up taking the GEO from my Dad's Mom's name Georgia and the LI from my Mom's Mom's name Lillian. It is pronounced Jolee. I have always liked my middle name and then when I remarried it goes well with Jones. Ha! My given name is Shannon and that is the name that I go by or my nickname Shan. I was just looking for a name that would be unique. Not many "Geolis" out there.

Shannon has some wonderful creations in her shop - something to appeal to everyone. I really love this bracelet with the turtle.

EliSe is one of our 'veteran' members and also one of our very active international members. She always has tips for new hosts. And I really enjoy browsing her shop - as she always have something new and unique. These bracelets with the owl are my favorite!

You will love both of these shops!! And come join us in our Sneak Attack thread to see who today's victims will be!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shannon of SGeoliJonesCreations made this lovely treasury of today's "Victims" and Hostess, Virginia from MadeByHand!

Meet Virginia

Virginia from MadeByHand is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm.

I asked Virginia to give us some tips on how to find her 'victims'. She is one of our 'treasury gurus' so she has a good handle on how to find those new Etsy shops! Says Virginia:

I spend a lot of time with my pal Snoopy789, checking out Snoopy's favorites and I always find one or two of my shops there. I also look at the "new shop" teams and check out their newest members. But mostly I look for items the old-fashioned way, using Etsy's search function.

I may search for a word I like (for example, "prairie") then I go to the category that interests me. If I am looking for a soap shop, then I go to the Bath and Beauty category and start looking! And I look at the feedback - low sometimes means low sales.

All these tips that our hosts provide will help any new members who are thinking about being a host!! Jump right in.

I often browse Virginia's shop looking for the perfect gift. I love this vibrant scarf - don't you?

Be sure to check out Virginia's shop - she is always creating something new!

And come join us in our Sneak Attack thread today - as we try to guess who the 'victims' will be!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meet Lynn

Lynn from LynnHanousekDesigns is hosting our sneak attack today at 11am.

I asked Lynn if she had any tips for our newer members to help them find their 'victims' should they decide to become a hostess.  Taking some comments other team members have mentioned -

I wish I could tell you some marvelous secret. In the past it was really a matter of luck but then someone mentioned on our discussion thread that they went to the members page of other teams related to the product they were looking for (soap, jewelry, earrings etc.) I tried that this time and found that many of the newer members of the teams are also new to Etsy. By going to shops I already liked, I found out what teams they belonged to and then checked out the team's members pages.

And of course sharing is what this team is all about!

I love how Lynn has created a wonderful gift set - that includes a matted print and a book mark. Perfect for anyone who loves cats!

If you are a cat lover like I am - you will enjoy browsing Lynn's shop. Which is your favorite feline?

Be sure to join us in our Sneak Attack thread this morning - the reveal will be at 11am Etsy time!