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Monday, May 12, 2014

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past May 12, 2014

This time I´m going to Saint Paul to visit Cindy from ToleTreasures. Cindy´s shop was attacked 10/29/09 and today she has made it into a great success with 686 sales.

When you visit ToleTreasures you´ll see why; Cindy has the most cute hand-painted items ever and I think all cat lovers will like this Cat Themed 6x6 Premade Mini Scrapbook Album a lot.

Cindy tells:

My shop had only been open for about ten days. You can't imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I had ten sales in one evening and everyone was telling me that I was a victim of a Sneak Attack. I had no idea what a Sneak Attack was. It's such a wonderful way to welcome new artisans to Etsy.

I currently only sell in one other venue and that's a holiday boutique that is held locally in November each year.

Please have a look at all the other amazing hand-painted items ToleTreasures has in the shop.

Thank you for looking.

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