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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet Barbara

Barbara from byvala is hosting our sneak attack today at 4pm. One of our international members - Barbara loves to find new shops that ship all over the world!!

What tips does Barbara have for our new hosts to find new shops?

My secret is that I search for shops that I myself would put in Sneak Attack Treasuries. I love making treasuries (sure wish I had more time to do so) and I love getting new shops more exposure. So basically, my search for shops to sneak on is the same as how I search for shops in T's: with clues that I like and a maximum price. And what I find important is that new shops are open to ship everywhere, since the Handmade Movement Team has members from all over the world!

We hope all of these tips will spur some of our newer members to jump in and host a sneak attack. And there are always 'veteran' hosts that are ready to co-host with you!

I always enjoy browsing in Barbara's shop. Check out this simple yet elegant embellishment - I love the pattern in this flower!

Barbara has so much to choose from in her shop - you will want lots of her creations! And then come join us in our sneak attack thread - check out the clues and see if you can guess who Barbara's victims will be.


  1. Lovely, looking forward to the sneak attack.

    Wonderful write up Sandi.

  2. Barbara will have found some wonderful shops, I am sure.