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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Meet Georgia

Georgia from TheMintButton is hosting our sneak attack today at 11am.

A recent victim herself, Georgia has already co-sponsored last month and is now taking the plunge to host a sneak attack by herself. And I know she will be great!

I asked Georgia what prompted her to open an Etsy shop.

I got very tired of just watching my every day work on a screen. I had so many ideas, i always enjoyed crafting so one day i started making things. One pair of earrings became two, i started making things i wanted to wear but couldn't find in the local market and eventually i found out about Etsy. It seemed interesting and i gave it a try.That was it.

I really enjoyed browsing Georgia's shop today. In addition to her earrings that I love, I found this delightful bracelet - so simple yet fashionable. Guess I need to start wearing bracelets!!

So much to choose from in Georgia's shop - what will you select?

Come join us in the sneak attack thread - and see if you can guess which shops Georgia has selected as our 'victims' today.


  1. Ooo... pretty bracelet! I have one of Georgia's bracelets and it's so easy to wear and looks great! ♡ Can't wait to see the shops that Georgia has found!

  2. Georgia will do wonderful today and I know she has found some wonderful shops for us.

  3. Thank you for including me and introducing me to this awesome team!! I love Georgia's shop and had a lot of fun stopping by the other shops that were "sneak attacked" with me today! I am very happy to now be a part of the "TEAM"