DATE: Thursday, Oct. 19th; 2pm, EDT

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet Susanne

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne, is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm. One of our international members and a frequent host, Susanne loves to surprise new Etsy shops with sales, views, and hearts. And the shops she finds are always so creative!

Before Susanne first started hosting our sneak attacks - I asked her what prompted her to join the Sneak Attack/Handmade Movement team.

I am fascinated by the idea of ​​helping each other and the ability to help others get their shop to grow

Such a great way to help others - which is what this team is all about.

I always enjoy browsing in Susanne's shop. She has so many lovely things. And every time I visit - I find something very unique. I love these Hand turned Wood Candle Holders.

What will you find in Susanne's shop that catches your eye?

Come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - you will have lots of fun, maybe make a treasury or two and try to guess who our 'victims' will be today.


  1. Wonderful, can't wait to see the shops today!

  2. Ooo... I need to go browse Susanne's shop and find more treasures... those candle holders are awesome!

  3. Yay Susanne!!! Can't wait to see the shop she found: )