DATE: Thursday, June 22nd; 2pm, EDT

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet Ana and Bea

Ana from BellyPork and Bea from beacbarros are co-hosting our Sneak Attack today at 2pm Etsy time.

A relatively new member and host - Ana has brought Bea into our team and is now working with her to have a successful attack! And with her enthusiasm, I know Bea will do a great job.

Both of our hosts are from Spain, part of a growing list of Etsy friends that are across the pond.

I love browsing the shops from these two gals.

And knowing that I love cats - how could I resist showing you what I found.

In Ana's shop these delightful hair clips - my granddaughters love the ones that Ana makes.

And this illustration from Bea's shop - is just adorable.

Find your favorites in these shops - I bet you can't pick just one!

Be sure to come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - as we get ready to surprise today's 'victims'.


  1. Two fabulous artists! Can't wait to see what they found.

  2. Love both shops, Ana and Bea are very talented!