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Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Susanne and Maria

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne, and Maria from MsBittyKnacks, are co-hosting our sneak attack today at 4pm.

This team is all about team-work and helping each other. Susanne has a commitment for later today, and Maria has stepped in to contact our latest 'victims' as well as reveal who they are at 4pm. You go girls!!

Susanne loves to knit in her spare time - it's actually what she does to relax. And she's so good at it - just take a look at this beautiful scarf that is reversible.

Maria loves to browse through magazines to find new patterns and ideas. I know that she finds it very relaxing - as she sits on the couch with her dog and spends some down time from her busy day time job.

And if you have ever browsed Maria's shop - you will find one of a kind creations for all occasions. Don't you just love this one?

How about spending some relaxing time, browsing through these two shops!!

And come join us in the sneak attack thread for today - can you guess who our 'victims' will be?


  1. Awesome hosting duo -- so much talent! Can't wait to see the shops, Susanne and Maria!

  2. Thanks for the write up Sandi :)