DATE: Thursday, Oct. 19th; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet Sandi

Sandi from HandmadeBySandi is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm.  A frequent sponsor and loving the feeling of giving back, Sandi finds adorable shops to surprise.

Did you know?

Sandi is the other part of the Snoopy Team. With the help of Virginia, Snoopy has a variety of charming Etsy shops, low in sales and started in the last 2 or 3 months. Check them out - you too will want to host!

Sandi loves to wear earrings, and she loves to make them so others can too. With Halloween just around the corner - I found these in her shop - ooooooooooh scary!!

Lots of creations to choose from in Sandi's shop - be sure to browse often!

And come join us in our sneak attack thread - to see who Sandi's 'victims' will be.


  1. Sandi, you always find awesome new shops! And you create amazing handmade goodies!! :)

  2. I am sure you have found some wonderful shops Sandi.

  3. Ooo... scary spiders -- perfect for Halloween!
    Thanks for hosting, Sandi -- you do so much for our team and we appreciate you!!