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Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet EliSe

EliSe from xEsFunThings is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm. A veteran hostess, EliSe enjoys finding new shops to surprise.

Did you know that EliSe's shop was attacked in December of 2012? And she hosted her first sneak attack the very next month! You don't have to host quite that fast, but it's so easy and there are lots of 'veteran' hostesses who would love to co-host with you! Join in and sign up!

I love browsing EliSe's shop - she always has new creations. I found this seed bead lariat. I love the touches that EliSe adds, the little charms that give this lariat some pizzazz!

Check out all the different lovelies that are in EliSe's shop. Something for everyone!

And join us in our sneak attack thread - come have fun and try to guess who the victims will be.


  1. Great choice of items Sandi, Elise's shop is great.

  2. Yay, EliSe is hosting! Fun shops and clues await!