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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meet EliSe and Hayah


A brand new year, today is the first Sneak Attack of 2015!! We are delighted to have two gals who worked together to make this first sneak attack fun and exciting.

EliSe is one of our active members who is working on some things that are going on in her life, and while her shop may be on vacation - she is not. Always striving to make someone's day, EliSe loves to host sneak attacks.

Her helper - Hayah from HayahDesigns, is a relatively new member, loves to create and loves to help other people.

What a wonderful partnership!

Even tho EliSe's shop is on vacation - I just had to show you some delightful earrings that I bought from her - and I wore them all thru the holidays.

Hayah creates all kinds of printable items. I really like her daily planners. A way to keep you organized in a fun and adorable way. Wouldn't you say that this is adorable? (I Love Owls)

Both of these hosts are ready for you to check out their 'victims' today - at 2pm Etsy time. Will you be there - The First Sneak Attack of 2015

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