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We will only be doing one shop a week depending on Andrea's schedule!

So it should be easier to give the one shop more love and attention! The SNEAK thread will be left up all week.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet Maria

Maria from MsBittyKnacks is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm. A very busy lady, Maria doesn't often have the chance to host, but when she does she always finds the 'cutest' Etsy shops to introduce to us.

I asked Maria what her favorite creation is and she said:

My favorite creation (so far) has been the Whimsy Stroll piece. It was made for a kawaii group art show, first gallery exhibit. I love it because all the details of the piece (the little back story, the sprinkled frosting base, the characters expressions) its absolutely fun, happy, cheerful, plain whimsical. and everyone, including me would smile when they saw it.

You can see more information about this delightful creation on Maria's blog. And be sure to visit Maria's shop. There are so many adorable creations there!

Come join us in our sneak attack thread - see if you can figure out what shops Maria has picked for her 'victims'.

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