DATE: July 3-July 16, 2018

HOST: PaintedMemoriesByRos

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Since it is the 4th of July week and because the following week (July 9-16 or so) Andrea has a big work project that she has to concentrate on, Andrea and I thought it would be fun to post the list of all the shops that have been Sneaked upon this year so far and let you all promote them as you have time.

Here's the list:

Mar 1, 2018 – July 2, 2018


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meet Debbie

Debbie from BumperStickersnmore is hosting our sneak attack today at 2pm.  A relatively new hostess, Debbie is excited about sharing new Etsy shops with the Handmade Movement team!

The shop slogan is "Vintage Bumper Stickers and Other Ephemera". (items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity)

I love the way Debbie describes the vacation stickers that she found in an old barn:

Some of the stickers are over 30 years old and all of them have never been used. Most of them are from roadside attractions. You know the ones we used to visit on family vacations before the big parks and corporate tourist traps.

I had a hard time picking a favorite sticker in Debbie's shop - but I think this one caught my eye! Can't you just imagine all the fun and excitement that went on in those dramas??

Be sure to check out all of Debbie's vintage! Lots of memories for everyone.

And come join us in our sneak attack thread today - lots of fun for everyone as well.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meet Virginia

Virginia from MadeByHand is hosting our sneak attack today at 2pm. A frequent hostess, Virginia has lots of fun finding new Etsy shops and creating intriguing clues to who they are.

Did you know that Virginia was a victim herself?

My shop was Sneak Attacked last October (2011) and I'll never forget the feeling -- it was a mix of gratitude and disbelief! I decided to pay it forward and immediately joined the team! It's the best team on Etsy!

Virginia is an avid crocheter and an inspiration to many. While she's working on charity crochet items, you can check out her sales section to see many of the wonderful creations that Virginia has made over the years. I love her Valentine gift bag!!

Be sure to see the other items she had as well. Maybe you too will get some inspiration.

And come join us in our sneak attack thread - 2pm is right around the corner.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Audrey of Audreysdecoupagedesi has made this lovely treasury of today's Sneak Attack's chosen shops!

Stefano of MeoLeathercraft has also made a treasury featuring today's shops!


Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is hosting our sneak attack today at 2pm. Theresa loves to help our team members with suggestions and ideas. She also loves to surprise new Etsy shops by hosting frequently.

And Theresa is one busy lady - crocheting, quilting, working with felt and so much more - you can always find a needle or crochet hook in her hand as she sits and spends quiet time, or just watches tv.

I love the quilting that Theresa does - I have one of her wall hangings. But you know what I really like? Theresa makes custom quilts - have someone special who is going to have an anniversary soon? Or how about someone who is getting married? What a wonderful gift! Here is a perfect example. (Of course, everything Theresa makes is perfect -such attention to detail)

Whether you are looking for something to have custom made, or some little trinket that you find in Theresa's shop - you will love it all!

And come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - check out the clues to possible 'victims', meet our members and have a lot of fun!