DATE: July 3-July 16, 2018

HOST: PaintedMemoriesByRos

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Since it is the 4th of July week and because the following week (July 9-16 or so) Andrea has a big work project that she has to concentrate on, Andrea and I thought it would be fun to post the list of all the shops that have been Sneaked upon this year so far and let you all promote them as you have time.

Here's the list:

Mar 1, 2018 – July 2, 2018



Sneak Attack FAQ:

How do I participate?

Everyone is welcome to join. Please note, however, that SELF-PROMOTION IS NOT the purpose of this group. If you'd like to show us a new item or something special occasionally, we would be happy to chat with you about it and look at it in our regular thread. We enjoy seeing each others' work but our main purpose is to promote our "victim" and other shops, not ourselves. Our purpose is to Make A New Shop's Day!  Try to stop by the Welcome to the HandmadeMovement thread and a Sneak Attack thread AT LEAST once per month: we need help discovering new shops, offering encouragement to newbies who wonder if anyone really sees their art, ask for advice on how to improve a listing, telling 'first sale' stories, etc.

How else can I help without making a purchase?

Maybe you're low on funds or the specific shop doesn't speak to you. Even if you can't make a purchase, you can still help by marking their shops or items as favorites, adding them to your circle and spreading the word. If you see something a friend or family member might like, ask them to view the shop. We welcome anyone to come in and join us with the chatter and fun!

How are shops chosen for the Sneak Attacks?

The best way to NOT get chosen is to nominate oneself- please don't!
Volunteers ("Hosts") scour Etsy for shops that meet certain criteria. (Hosting information is further down on this page.)

Can I nominate someone even if I don't actually become a Host?

Yes, although the Hosts ultimately choose the shops. A list is kept of possible shops which is available to Hosts who need some shop ideas. You can also send shop ideas you come across to Snoopy789

The Sneak Attacks were developed as a way to encourage people in their art or craft, and to surprise and encourage them with multiple sales. It's a very unique concept and we are trying to keep our focus in line with the original idea. Helping people that are down on their luck is a great cause- even more important than what we're doing- so we encourage people to seek organizations that help in this regard or to creatively find their own way to help.
Having said that, we do at times support various charitable organizations by occasionally choosing shops that donate 100% of their profit to a charity.
Additionally, although some people have made a significant amount of sales through being Sneak Attacked, generally they don't make a lot of money off of it but rather get a boost of encouragement. On it's own, being Sneak Attacked will not start a continuing stream of sales- that's up to the shop owner as much as they will continue to promote and update their store.

What are the criteria for shops to be chosen for the sneak attacks?

•They have zero or only a few sales- usually 15 or less. (Exception: Shops who donate 100% of their profits to a charity may be considered even if they have several sales.)

•They do not have more than one shop.

•They have at least 5-10 (preferably more) items under $25.

•If only 1 shop is chosen the shop should have at least 20+ items, but we will consider any with at least 12. If doing two or more shops at once, the shops can have less but we would like at least 10 items in each shop. If they have less PaintedMemoriesByRos will determine if they are eligible on a case to case basis.

•They appear to have good quality products.

•They are at least two weeks old, preferably more.

•If possible, they have positive feedback established through purchases or selling a few items. This may not be possible if they have 0 sales. We have unfortunately had a few instances in the past of non-delivery of items and they were from shops with no feedback and then they either closed down or were closed down by Etsy.

•The shop must not be in conflict with any Etsy policies, applicable laws, etc. For instance, shops supplying food must clearly state they produce their product in an accredited kitchen.

•The shop is not affiliated or connected to the Host.

•Hosts choose the shops and approve them with PaintedMemoriesByRos.etsy.com

•The shop should not contain offensive items. We realize this is a subjective thing and what one considers offensive, another will not, but we will make the judgment call based on what we feel is right.

•We reserve the right to make exceptions to the above rules, but this will not normally happen and will only be in special cases (e.g. needing to change the shop at the last minute or a shop gets an extra sale just before the reveal).

How do I become a Host or Co-Host of a single Sneak Attack?

Please volunteer by check out the Hosting thread on the Team discussions. You can also contact PaintedMemoriesByRos to find out more information about Hosting.

What if I buy from a shop during a Sneak Attack and I have a problem with the seller?

Most reported experiences have been positive. There have been reports of one or two shops for non-delivery. TheHandmadeMovement.blogspot.com is not responsible for the misdeeds of Etsy shop owners. Please bring up any issues via Etsy's existing reporting systems.