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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Meet our Treasury Gurus

Have you ever wondered about the images on the left hand side of the blog - under the heading - Sneaky Treasury Challenge Winners! 2015?

Each time we have a Sneak Attack, we challenge our members to see if they can figure out who the 'victims' will be, based on the clues provided by the host.

We have some very fine treasury creators, some new hands at it, some old, and each treasury is filled with the most wonderful new Etsy shops our creators have found. They may not have been the 'chosen' victims of the day, but each shop gets lots of exposure being in a treasury by having that treasury tweeted and posted on Facebook!

Now back to those images - notice anything interesting? The same images seem to be repeated a number of times for the month of March. Those are our Treasury Gurus. They tend to find at least one if not more of the 'victims' and as the creator of a 'winning' treasury, get to advertise their shop on the blog.

Our gurus from March 2015 are:

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome
Virginia from madebyhand
Monika from TobisiasLilThing

Want to join these gals and learn how to do what they do? Just ask them - they will be delighted to 'share their secrets'!


  1. Great write-up, Sandi! I'm honored to be included with Theresa and Monika, and I really enjoy seeing all of the "Ts" that are made for each Sneak Attack! (◕‿-)

  2. Thank you Sandi......wonderful write up!!!