DATE: Sept 18, 2018

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HOST: CunninglyCrafted

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meet Genevieve

Genevieve from CrownlandCottage is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm Etsy time. She recently hosted a sneak attack and loves it so much, she is back doing it again.

Genevieve works with fabric and paper and lace...  if you take a look at the items she creates - you will know that she love what she does. Here she is working on a design - I love the table she is using - everything is nicely laid out and ready to be assembled.

Browse through Genevieve's shop - you will find something for everyone!!

And come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - take a look at the clues given, and see if you can guess who our 'victims' will be today.


  1. It's nice to finally see you, love your shop Genevieve!

  2. Wow, awesome craft area -- Genevieve's work is exquisite, and very inspirational!
    Sandi, thanks for letting us know Genevieve a little better!

  3. Great write up Sandi...I love seeing our members! Genevieve makes beautiful items in her shop....

  4. Oh my her work area is so neat, I am still working on cleaning up my sewing room!!!
    Great to see Genevieve's and learn more about her.