DATE: Sept 18, 2018

SHOP LuxxeJewelry

HOST: CunninglyCrafted

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We will only be doing one shop a week or longer depending on Andrea's schedule!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet Maria

Maria from MsBittyKnacks is hosting our sneak attack today at 10am. A hard working member, both inside the home and out, Maria finds it very convenient to host on Saturdays. This also helps all of our other members who work outside of the home get the chance to chat with members and support new Etsy shops.

I always have a fun time browsing Maria's shop. There are often new creations - this gal is so inventive. Take a look at her latest 'wall art'.

Spooky items or just adorable ones -  you are sure to find something to grab your attention in Maria's shop.

And come join us in our sneak attack thread. Lots of fun clues, and the 'victims' will be revealed shortly.


  1. Maria is so very talented, thanks Sandi for your hard work!

  2. I love Maria's designs and her craftsmanship is excellent! She's so talented and a wonderful person, too!

  3. Thanks you ladies, you always make me blush!!